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 Kent Nelson's Recent Books:

The Spirit Bird: Stories     by Kent Nelson

Winner of the 2014 Pitt Drue Heinz Literature Prize.  Traces many landscapes and different transitory lives. A young man scratches out a living from the desert; a woman follows a rarely seen bird in the far reaches of Alaska; a poor single mother sorts out her life in a fancy mountain town. Other protagonists yearn to cross a racial divide, keep developers from a local island, explore their sexuality, and mourn a lost loved one. The characters in this collection are compelled to seek beyond their own horizons, and as the stories unfold, the search becomes the expression of their desires. The elusive spirit bird is a metaphor for what we’ve lost, for what we hope for, and for what we don’t know about ourselves.


The Touching That Lasts
Stories by Kent Nelson

In these fourteen dark and moving short stories from award-winning author Kent Nelson, the ordinary is shown to be extraordinary, and average lives are changed in the space of an instant. Always leaving you wanting more, Nelson's stories get at the heart of what is means to be human.


Birds in the Hand:
Fiction and Poetry about Birds

Kent Nelson's timeless work, co-edited with his daughter, Dylan Nelson, and dedicated to their shared love of birds.

coverLand That Moves,
Land That Stands Still

Kent Nelson's most popular work. This award-winning novel provides as never before an inside perspective of overcoming true adversity.

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